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Our donation request process is closed for 2023.


Donation Request

Our donation request process is closed for 2023. We'd love to know how we can help next year. We open requests in October to consider for the following year. Please read on to understand how we help and check back in October so we can consider your request. 

Frichette provides wine experiences and wine as donations to special causes each year. Every cause positively impacting our community is important and we wish we could help them all, however since we are a limited production winery, we set wine aside each year for donations and select causes that align with our values and purpose to contribute to. We consider 501(c)3 organizations that provide services and support in Benton and Franklin Counties for heart health research, children’s services, and arts. If your request meets these criteria, please complete the short form and let us know how we can help. Our wine donations can be some of the following, however, we’d love to work with you to create something special to greatly impact your fundraising efforts. We do not donate wine for tables for events. We consider requests no less than 60 days prior to the event.

Wine Experience for Live Auction
Wine Experience that organizer combines with other wineries for Live Auction
Wine for Silent Auction
Wine + Logo Glasses + Logo Wine Key for Silent Auction
Private Wine Tasting & Tour for up to six ($390 value)
Virtual Wine Experiences
10% of wine purchases from your group donated to your cause

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