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Beginners Guide To Wine Tasting

Wine tasting is fun! It is a fantastic opportunity to taste and learn different varietals, wines from different regions and of course discover new wines that you can take home and enjoy with friends and family. But sometimes the motions of going through the tasting can be a bit intimidating. Use the four steps below to have a great time tasting wine with your friends.

When you taste wine, you’re going to utilize your senses of sight, smell, and taste.

Step 1: Analyze the Appearance of the Wine

  1. Clear or Hazy? Haziness is an indication of faulty wine.

  2. Light color or deeply intense? Ask what type of wine you’re tasting because certain varietals and aging affect the color characteristics. Learn the different colors of red wines.

Step 2: How Does The Wine Smell?

  1. Take two sharp sniffs of the wine. Have fun talking with your friends about the types of aromas you smell. For a fun conversation, after you smell the wine, ask your friends what they smell.  Common aroma categories are listed below :

    1. Fruit

    2. Floral

    3. Earthy

    4. Wood

    5. Baking spices

Step 3: Taste the Wine

  1. Swirl the wine around in your mouth using a discrete chewing motion. What do you taste? How does that compare to aromas you smelled?

  2. When you swallow the wine, how long do the flavors linger? Do the flavors change after you swallow?

Step 4: Ask Questions and Have Fun Learning About Wine

Use the comment box below to ask or share your favorite wine tasting questions.


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