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How To Host A Blind Wine Tasting

How to host a Blind Wine Tasting Event.

Hosting a blind wine tasting event is a sure hit!

A blind wine tasting party is the perfect activity to get people involved in wine tasting in a fun and informal occasion. Everyone will discover new wines and have fun discussing what they learn with others. Blind wine tastings ensure impartial judgment of a wine and is done without the tasters seeing the label or bottle shape. A taster’s judgment can be prejudiced by knowing details of a wine, such as geographic origin, price, reputation, etc..

There are dozens of ways and themes to consider when hosting a blind wine tasting. Below are a few themes to consider:

  1. Single varietal (Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon, Viognier, etc.)

  2. Horizontal (Same year, same varietal but from different producers)

  3. All Red Wine

  4. All White wine

  5. Regional (Wines from France, Spain, Italy, Alsace)

  6. AVA (Red Mountain, Napa Valley, California, Willamette Valley)

  7. Vintage (2009, 2010, 2011)

  8. Vertical (The same brand from different vintages)

  9. Rainbow Tasting (Sparkling,White, Rosé, Red, Dessert wine from a region)

  10. Wines owned/made by celebrities

Once you choose a theme, you are ready to plan and host your blind wine tasting party! You can get your guests involved more by asking them to bring wine (for example ask each guest to bring a Merlot under $50 for a Single Varietal tasting) or you can provide the wine (for example, you provide six wines for a Rainbow Tasting or Vertical Tasting). Or you can host a blind wine tasting party a few times a year and use all of the themes listed above! Any way you choose to do it, blind wine tastings are a lot of fun. So relax and get to tasting!

Here is the step by step on how to conduct a blind wine tasting as well as the rating sheets. Cheers! Follow Shae on Google+


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