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KNDU’s Tracci Dial Visits Red Mountain

BENTON CITY, WA – The Frichette’s are the new kids on the block on Red Mountain. Greg grew up in Pasco but Shae is from South Carolina. She majored in theater in college, packed up her life and moved to California where she met Greg. When they decided to have a family they wanted to raise their children near grandparents. The couple ended up moving to Benton City.

Now, Shae is a very active community member. When she’s not busy running the Frichette Winery tasting room, she’s out volunteering, mentoring and public speaking. That’s why she was named the Athena Young Professionals Woman of the Year at the Women in Business Expo this year.

Shae sat down with Tracci Dial to talk about how she ended up here, why it’s so important to give back, and what’s it’s like to run a winery.


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