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Our Favorite Images Of The Red Mountain AVA in 2013

The Red Mountain AVA is one of the most beautiful places in the Pacific Northwest. We’ve really enjoyed the scenery since moving here in April of 2013 and wanted to share a few of our favorite images my father in-law, Jay Frichette, captured  in 2013.  Enjoy!

Newly planted vineyard.

The neighboring vineyard to our winery was planted this Spring. Enjoyed watching the vines flourish.

Horse Heaven Hills Shot from Frichette Winery.

From our winery: Amazing Spring clouds over the Horse Heaven Hills.

Heavenly picture of Rattle Snake Mountain.

View from the winery towards Rattle Snake Mountain. Heavenly, right?

Our neighbor's newest fan.

View from our winery towards Mt. Adams and of our neighbor’s newest fan… and it’s a big one.

Sunset on Rattle Snake Mountain.

View from our winery of Rattle Snake Mountain at sunset.

Horse Heaven Hills fogged in.

View from our winery this winter of the fog hugging the top of the Horse Heaven Hills.

The BEFORE Picture of our winery in the Red Mountain AVA.

Last two are our favorites. Here’s the BEFORE picture of our winery.

Frichette Winery at Sunset

Our winery, AFTER! Paired with one of the many amazing sunsets you’ll enjoy from Red Mountain.

Thank you for taking a quick trip down 2013 Memory Lane with us. We’re very grateful for your support in 2013 and look forward to seeing you again soon!


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