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Red Mountain AVA Changes

The next time you visit the Red Mountain AVA to taste wines from us and our neighbors, you’ll notice there’s a lot of sage brush and cheat grass missing down Sunset Rd in place of land prepped to be planted this spring. Here’s a quick photo tour by my father in-law, Jay Frichette of all the huge projects underway on Red Mountain.

Red Mountain adds road to Col Solare.

Col Solare now accessible from Sunset Rd.

We’re excited for our neighbors on Red Mountain at Col Solare to have a shiny new road put in for visitors to our region to access their winery right off Sunset Rd. Although some may be disappointed by not being able to bounce up the dirt road to reach one of the most impressive properties in the state of Washington.

Gamache Vineyard on Red Mountain

Gamache plants on Red Mountain.

Look left after you gawk up the new Antinori Rd on Red Mountain to see a new vineyard being installed right before Fidelitas. by Gamache, one of our favorite growers,  is planting their own five acre block right off Sunset Rd.

Aquilini Vineyard on Red Mountain

Aquilini vineyard prepped for planting this Spring.

Just between the new Gamache vineyard and Kiona, Aquilini is planting a massive amount of fruit in the Red Mountain AVA this year. Rumor has it, they’re planting 500 acres. We can’t wait to watch the army install this vineyard.

Aquilini land south of Ciel Du Cheval Vineyard on Red Mountain.

More Aquilini Vineyard land by Ciel Du Cheval Vineyard off Sunset

Keep driving South on Sunset Rd and look to the left after you pass Ciel Du Cheval Vineyard. Here’s another huge parcel of land being planted on Red Mountain by Aquilini.

We’re very excited to be apart of the growth of Red Mountain. We encourage you to come out for a trip soon, enjoy the wine, views, and company in this great neighborhood we’re so fortunate to call home.


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