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Why We Host A BBQ Party With Josephine Howell

Thank You to everyone who joined us for our annual patio party.

Don’t you love backyard BBQ’s? The sizzle of vegetables on the grill, the melody of summer jams, the laughter of family. Growing up, getting to go to a family bbq or “cookout” was almost like Christmas. The smell of charcoal and wood would invite the party to begin like granting permission to a child to play. The cares of the world are whisked away like the smoke of the BBQ moving through the air.

The staple dishes in the family always made its way to the table. In addition to the meat and veggies on the grill, the menu would consist of somebody’s Mama making their homemade famous potato salad, cole slaw, deviled eggs, corn on the cob, watermelon, and banana pudding. I try to recreate this favorite past time by hosting a my very own BBQ for our wine club members and Frichette Fans.

First the food. Luckily, there is a family owned BBQ Master right here in the Tri-Cities. One taste of his brisket and pulled pork and I knew he had some sort of Southern influence. The made from scratch BBQ sauces are a complement to the amazing meats, which are slow cooked over low temperatures for up to 14 hours. Side dishes include Gouda Mac-n-Cheese, baked beans, cole slaw and a banana pudding that will make you slap your Mama (sorry, Mama, I wouldn’t slap you, but you know what I mean). Porter’s Real BBQ was an easy win for my BBQ.

Josephine Howell On Red Mountain

Next, the music. I wanted to recreate the backyard BBQ essence of family, dancing, laughter and connecting. I needed a band that could get the shyest off his seat and could triple the fun of any celebration. Josephine Howell could make any BBQ amazing. Her vocals alone are incredible. She dances through octaves, sings with her soul, and moves through the audience like a gifted dancer. I knew that she and her band would be perfect for my BBQ.

Last, the wine. This part was easy. Because we are bringing together the right people at the right event at the right time, I selected our Punctual Red Blend as the greeting wine for this event. The 2015 Punctual hasn’t made its way to our tasting menu, but what a perfect event to debut this easy drinking and balanced wine. With all of the elements together, the only thing left was to wait for the date of the event and this one was very well worth the wait. As I now reflect on the event, it was the perfect BBQ Party.

Team Frichette created a welcoming ambiance. Kristina got our wine club checked in and provided priority seating while Alexandra greeted guests with wine. Ryan provided bottle service to guests and Sarah and Jay served up the BBQ. When it was time for the Electric Slide (because a great BBQ include an opportunity for all guests to boogie down) our guests really showed off. I was impressed with team members from my neighboring wineries who attended the BBQ and represented this dance well. Hats off to Kiona, Tapteil and Terra Blanca

Our BBQ Patio Party with Josephine Howell is more than a party to me. It’s getting to relive and share a favorite past time with people who mean a great deal to us. Thank you to Porter’s Real BBQ, Josephine Howell, Team Frichette, our neighboring wineries, our Frichette Cru Club Members, and Frichette Fans who attended this event. Thank you for making my backyard BBQ so special.

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