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3rd Annual Farm to Table Event

Getting lost in an amber field of wheat might seem like something from a movie, but that was a frequent activity for Greg Frichette. Riding on the combine to harvest the years bounty was one of the most exciting activities for him. His family farms wheat, garbanzo beans, lentils and peas plus raise a few head of lamb. From a young age, he understood the labor associated with farming and grew a deep appreciation for agriculture.

The concept of farm to fork has always been familiar to me. I grew up in rural South Carolina where my family enjoyed having a garden for a short amount of time. We also raised a few chickens. My family expressed that what we picked from our garden or raised was better than what we could buy. We controlled how we farmed it and what we put in to it. At a very young age, I developed an appreciation and patience for farming.

Today, we maintain a small garden for our family and our local food bank. We grow lettuce, kale, tomatoes, herbs, squashes and onions. We are inspired by the local farmers and support them by buying local. Each year, we host a 32 person Farm to Fork Wine Dinner to showcase local farmers and promote sustainability. We work with Ethos Trattoria to create a scrumptious menu of seasonal favorites and we pair each dish with our wines.

A photo posted by Frichette Winery (@frichettewinery) on Aug 21, 2016 at 11:16pm PDT

Our Farm to Fork is an intimate dinner experience where guests enjoy seasonal farm fresh foods, great company and balanced wines. We also include items from our own family farms including lamb and garbanzo beans.

If we grow it, we’ll eat it. Look for our next Farm to Fork dinner. We’ll see you at the table!


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